How to use the rotateto function

I’ve been trying the use the rotate to function to rotate a motor to a certain degree, but it doesn’t work, does any1 know why this is?

        arm1.rotateTo(100, rotationUnits::deg, false);
        arm2.rotateTo(100, rotationUnits::deg, false);
        arm1.rotateTo(150, rotationUnits::deg, false);
        arm2.rotateTo(150, rotationUnits::deg, false);
        arm1.rotateTo(0, rotationUnits::deg, false);
        arm2.rotateTo(0, rotationUnits::deg, false);}

For starters the rotateTo command is a blocking command and won’t go to the next command until competed. You solved that with the false at the end of the line, but you still want the arm2.rotateTo command to remain blocking so the both finish before proceeding.

arm1.rotateTo(100, rotationUnits::deg, false);
arm2.rotateTo(100, rotationUnits::deg);

and have you set the motor velocity somewhere else?