How to use VCS to create a competition template for modkit

I can create a competition template for VEX C++ and C++ Pro, but I don’t know how to do it with modkit. Our kids are too young to use programming language and there is no example. I have chosen competition project but it doesn’t work, maybe it’ll be included in next update?

There really isn’t a competition template for Modkit. Switch to Robot Mesh Studio Blockly if you need graphical programming with competition support.

Mine did work to the surprise of myself and all others at the competition. We had two programs made with graphical modkit VCS. One was driver and the other was autonomous. You may know this but there’s a button that makes the modkit program a competition. It’s in the drop down save menu. Select this button for both programs. When you plug into the field, the system recognizes that you have an autonomous and it runs that program. Then, it runs the driver control. I don’t know what would happen if you had more than one autonomous.

Touching back on this - How does the field control know which is autonomous and which is driver? I get that you can select “competition,” but how do we distinguish tele-op code from auton code?