How to use Vex latex tubing?

I’ve seen quite a few mentions of using the latex tubing instead of rubber bands for things like punchers and catapults but I’m not entirely sure how to use it.

Do I just tie a knot to one place, stretch it, and then tie a knot to the other spot?

On our tennis racket catapult, we tie a knot on the supporting bar, pass it through the holes in the bar of the catapult, and then loop it through the other side of the supporting bar. Then we just keep on making loops for about 3-4 times, and then pass it back through a hole in the supporting bar and stick a screw in it. This makes it easy to take out the screw and readjust tensioning without needing to untie everything. Make sure to keep the tubing somewhat loose. Just add more loops if you need more tension rather than pulling it super tight.

This is the only picture I currently have of this section of the robot, so sorry if it is hard to see. I’ll try and get a better picture tomorrow.

If you look by our right licence plate you can see some of the loops of latex tubing passing through the supporting bar.

Edit: Managed to get this blurry photo from a video we took. It shows the latex a bit better.

@Crazycrabman Nice wheels dude. Did you just wrap the biggest sprocket in tank tread?

Thanks! And nope it’s just zip tied down those big nubby wheels