How to use vex pros

how do I use vex pros? I downloaded pros through atom, the pros editor. It won’t let me create new projects or anything like that. I tried using it in VSC but then coding becomes a problem because I don’t know where to add motors and change ports. Anyone know how to do this?

You should use pros in VSC, and follow the tutorials at this link: Tutorials — PROS for V5 3.7.0 documentation

Creating motors and sensors in pros is done using something called a constructor. So instead of using a menu you type out all the information you want to use to make the motor. This is a good time to learn what object oriented programming is.


Do you know how to use this line in VSC? When I try to use master.get_analog, it says that it is an undeclared identifier. Also, if I were to use a 6 motor drive for this, would I just put all 3 motors with the same command of E_CONTROLLER_ANALOG_LEFT_Y?

The issue with master.get_analog is probably just VSCode being upset. You can see if it is a real problem or not by clicking the Integrated Terminal button in the PROS Sidebar and running the command pros build-compile-commands.

As for your question about moving the motors, that would work but there is a nicer way to do it. Store the result of master.get_analog(E_CONTROLLER_ANALOG_LEFT_Y) into a variable, and then assign that variable as your motor power with motor.move(variable_name). You can look at doing this in the tutorials Dan linked. If you call master.get_analog 3 times, it may return 3 different values. Running your drive motors at different RPMs is probably not good.