How To Video of Robot Mesh Virtual Robot Construction and Programming

Robot Mesh Studio: September 15th Update

Video introductions to VEX IQ mimic (virtual robot) construction and programming:

Robot Mesh Studio 3D VEX IQ Mimics Intro

Robot Mesh Studio Mimic Editor Features

Robot Mesh Mimic Build Chassis

Robot Mesh Studio Mimic Drive

Robot Mesh Studio Mimic Distance Sensor

A few useful improvements:

  1. New multi-gizmo on the mimic editor, enabling translation (moving) and rotation without having to switch back and forth between the two gizmos.

  2. “Fast Build” option to build and run without the debugger is now available (click on the down-arrow next to the Play button).

  3. Improved compile times for the EDR Cortex.

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Its quite impressive! Not working properly for me at the moment though.
I created a very simple 2 motor chassis which was nice and easy. Originally, I built it with a single field tile underneath so when I did a quick test, it didn’t fall into oblivion. So far, so good!
Once I had the basic structure in, I wanted to move the chassis around a bit so needed more space. I removed the tile and chucked in a full field. With the full field in, it slows down to about 20fps on low detail. My laptop isn’t amazing (i5-3230 quad 2.6GHz, nVidia GT-740M) but surprised it slowed so much. Using Firefox as a browser.

My test program turns the wheels in opposite directions for 2 seconds, off for two seconds then repeat, just to spin on the spot. In the mimic, the wheels turn in opposite directions as expected but the robot moves straight forward. I refreshed the page (no changes to the program) and it worked as expected.

This is seriously cool, very easy to build things but I would need it to run faster to be usable day to day - any suggestions on how I can speed it up?

Edit to add - just installed Chrome and it is 100 times better!

We have seen the same thing with Firefox, and have not yet figured out why Firefox is so slow with the Mimics. Chrome runs the Mimics much faster, as you reported. Thanks for the feedback.


Chrome fixed the odd physics issue as well, works a treat.
This really is a great tool, looking forward to trying something a bit more complex on it!