How Tough are Judges at Worlds?

Hi! I would like to know how much time my team should prepare for an interview at worlds- is it going to be something requiring lots of practice or something more on the casual side? Thanks for any help in advance!


From my experience, they aren’t tough at all. If anything, they are very laid back. It was easily the most simple interview we did all last year.


My team last year took home a Design Award from VEX Worlds. You should expect an interview that is very different from your state/regional/national/provincial tournament. Prepare for harder questions and competition. Make sure your notebook is updated and follows the rubric. Also don’t make your interview very scripted, keep it casual but follow the rubric.

If your team is in the running for the Design Award at VEX Worlds, you should refer to the above. You are also in the running for Build, Amaze, Think, etc for this, you should prepare for more technical questions about your robot. This can include questions about specific design choices. Ex. Why did you choose this form of shooting device? Why not another type of shooting device?

Last year, the Build Award judges asked us about the specific motor configuration of our DR4B.

Please feel free to contact me if you have additional questions.

Good Luck & See you @ Worlds