How unlucky are you

Hey guys!
What’s the most unluckiest thing that has happened to you with Vex?
Mine is either when my team was using a pneumatic system and the pump we brought to the tournament had a hole in it, or when my team finally finished our Starstruck bot and when we tested our autonomous and it worked, it hooked on to the corner of the field and the prongs broke off our motor, a day before the tournament.


Holes in pneumatics you say? Where have I heard that before…

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This year we went to a tournament with very bad teams. We we’re excited because this meant that we could easily quialify for state and not have to worry about it. At the tourney in every match our robot would not run autonomous and the only work for 15 seconds in driver control. After a week of troubleshooting we found the issue to be with robotc. Everything worked when we uninstalled robotc and reinstalled an older version. Another time was at state in NBN. We we’re crippled in all our matches because a screw got stuck in the piston launcher and we we’re only able to find it after the tourney.


First ITZ tournament, sometime in January or something.
I’m the only member of my team there; the one who was supposed to show up got a fever of 102 deg. The other two couldn’t make it.
picks up some joystick batteries from the charged box
goes to match
starts the match without me


This %between%


When I was still with my old team 2158V our robot started to smoke a bit at states after our first match and we didn’t have any spare cortexes and we later found out the cortex was done for so we lost almost all of our matches because of that. The rest of the 2158 teams had really bad disconnection problems and were kind of screwed because of that. In one of our team’s matches, their alliance partner showed up with a cortex zip-tied to a battery and on top of that, they just had bad alliance partners for most of their matches. and I guess it was kind of a rip to see a starstruck bot qualify for worlds so that’s nice

2015 at states in Bakersfield, CA my team did a battery swap and the Anderson connector apparently fell out of one of the batteries before the match. This forced our robot to run at half power and ended up making us lose in the eliminations. We ended up winning robot skills that made up for the situation.

We forgot to bring the pump to a competition 3 hours away…


our autonomous was to drive forward, pick up our mogo, stack, and put in the 20 point zone, but in one match the rotation was stopped by an opposing robot and we put the mogo in the opponents 10 point zone.


lol aeden

For 4/6 matches at my state competition my cortex was broken and I missed a match because of my brother.

explain? or are we playing the blame game?

Going through a controller, 4 pots, 3 shorting motors due to frayed wires, and toasting a mc29 all in one day at a competition. Just so happened that that competition was regionals :confused:

Deception 100


To start with, he got a bad $1000 computer with terrible battery life, proccessing speed slower than the average chromebook, and a screen flickering issue. His only job was to download autons but he got distracted on his phone, didn’t check the battery of the computer, and while I was telling him to download he stayed on his phone for 30 more seconds with the computer on 1% battery completely ignoring me on purpose. then halfway through the downloading process the computer shut down and by the time the computer rebooted the match started.

but the past is the past and there isn’t anything I can do about it so I don’t complain.


I got entangled with an opponent in auton and somehow managed to tip with a robot that is not at all top-heavy for the first tournament that VEX decided would be best of one elimination rounds.


Was in the quarterfinals in the research division at Worlds this year, our alliance was strong, putting up 137 in our round of 16 match and it was looking like we were going to win the qf match. Unfortunately, our robots collided in auton and our alliance had a stand off on the back corner of their robot that got STUCK INSIDE THE STATIONARY plastic base and they were not able to drive or move around the rest of the match resulting in our loss. I’m still kind of salty lol

I seem to always be in compatitions with 86868R and I never get paired with him in qualifiers, but I always go against him.

Don’t worry, my team once forgot our joysticks. The competition was much closer though.

We had a single shaft running our mogo lift in ITZ. The night before state we noticed that the shaft had twisted around once or twice due to it being under constant strain from picking up mogos in the last few tourneys. We replaced the shaft that night.

The next day at state we made it to the last elimination match that decided if you went to worlds or not. The mogo lift stopped working in the first match, but thankfully it was best of 3. We looked at the shaft and it had twisted around 3 or 4 times in that single day and finally broke during that match. We fully replaced the shaft by the time our 2nd match came on.

Our alliance was left with only a mogo robot and a small cone stacker. Our fate was sealed.

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