How unlucky are you

We forgot our joysticks too! Except, the competition was 18 hours away (it was this past Worlds event)


I’ve seen my school’s team suffer quite a bit… here’s just a few:

  1. Not knowing what Gyro Drift was. And we tried to use one, and were up to 3am trying to figure what was going on.
  2. Our 20 pt mobile goal autonomous was blocked by our alliance partner who placed their bot IN THE ZONE. THE ROBOT TOOK UP SPACE IN THE 10 PT ZONE.
  3. I’ve lost count of drive burnouts.
  4. 3 dr4b tip overs.

At our regional event, a certain partner of ours (@Cagoss85 ) decided to tip during auton in QF 1-2. Luckily we won the other two matches with our first pick. We made it through semis, then in Finals 1-2… 6916H tips again in the first 5 seconds of driver control… Its become a good meme though, I think everyone in Southern New England knows that when there’s a tip, 6916H was there in spirit

our auton got deleted during comp. thats 45 seconds of autonmous…

Pamona CA State Comp Starstruck.

So we played a match, in which during autonomous, 1 star was thrown outside the field, we won autonomous by 2 points. During driver control, we won by 1 point, plus auton bonus, so 5 point lead.

4th place, all was goin well.

3 matches later, the team complained to refs that the star that fell outside the field, and that they should have won auton, however, if that star was placed in the far zone, autonomous would have been a tie, and we still would have won by 1 point.

After the ref explained the situation and scoring of the match, we explained we still would have won the match, he agreed, yet stated, “You’re right, but refs are only allowed to change the scoring once.”

We drop 13 places.

Suddenly we had to start scouting to be picked by teams when we were already looking for teams to pick.

We were not picked for alliance selection when all we wanted was to go to worlds.

The team that complained to ref and won the match unfairly, won excellence.

Feels So Bad Man.


The day before a tournament we were testing our bot and it was working well (relatively speaking, don’t @ me) so we decided to do a scrimmage kind of thing where we would go ham on scoring. Halfway through the scrimmage thing, our lift dropped straight down and the top left motor on our started smoking. We unplug it and such but there’s no spare high speed motors (ones that work anyways). We only had torque and turbo and we (students) aren’t allowed to take out and change the gearing of our motors unless our mentor was there and gave permission (too many people were stripping screws and such). Long story short we only had three working motors at the tournament. This also sparked our magic smoke inside joke.

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2 things
1: controller dies right as it switches to driver
2: twisting an axle in SS

I once caught a motor controller on fire during ITZ during our second competition in November. It was during a match, In a hard spot to reach and to make a long story short we almost caught the field on fire.

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@Enderclaw|8373H I bent 14

then you have a problem

Our autonomous running during user control for some reason followed by a 30 second disconnect in semi finals at worlds

The first stage of our scissor lift snappped in half mid match…

At state we were in a match and we lost a match by 10 points because I had burned out and my alliance partner burned out right before they got to the zone

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Alright, you don’t know true misfortune until you experience your skyrise tower literally ripping apart, like from the middle of the section. This happened to us at worlds and the incident had cost us the match and probably more tbh cuz we got knocked to like 6th seed. To put it in perspective, we won second place programming and excellence at worlds that year, so I think we had a pretty good shot at tourney. So ya still kinda salty all these years later. MS 7700B


@Enderclaw|8373H Yes, Yes I do

Not sure if this was unlucky or just stupid…
We twisted a high strength axle in SS while using a catapult

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Every time someone nylocs something together and then manages to strip the screws.
Cue 20 minutes of messing around with a drill/spanner/hammer/explosives to try and remove it.

Also, having RobotC updates break critical code right before a competition - especially when you have 3k of code split over 5 files and you have to debug and fix all of them overnight because your team needs (insert new feature here).


To be fair, that was a pretty high-energy catapult.

A robot got jammed in with us and when trying to get out our robot’s arm got underneath our VexNet Key and snapped it in half mid-comp.
We managed to get it fixed tho lol.

Besides that, we have had things from a star falling off the net and getting stuck in our robot which held our high hang to low in the National finals for Starstruck, and the points cost us the game.
Our teams just generally unlucky :stuck_out_tongue: