How unlucky are you


I accidentally stuck my finger between the gears of a flywheel while it was running :slight_smile:


I did that, pulled my finger out, and got shot in the face and chest point blank


The worst thing that happend to us is on the third day of world before our last skills autonomous run(about 80 point,would have secured a spot in top 3)Our code relied heavily on sonic sensors and we had our robot displayed on the table to show off our innovative lift design.Someone cam by and did something to damage it by punching out some of the mesh covering on it.The worst thing about this though is our sister team was the ones that pushed us out of the top three.


So I was at a competition a couple weeks back and we had just finished our second match and were onto our third and i set my bot down (I’m the driver) and autonomous was done and as driver control starts I find that the programmer on our team somehow iNVerTeD the drive controls and to this day our whole team has no idea how she did it or what she did to the code, twas a grand day.


wow that was hard to watch. i love how the announcer literally did not care at all


In star struck we used plexiglass or whatever it is called for the sides of our shovel, so I set up our robot for autonomous (that’s always my job). So I may have set it up a bit wrong because it went up to the fence and destroyed the plexiglass.


At states for ITZ, my team was allianced with two other really good teams. However, my robot tipped in the first match, and the other robot got stuck in the ten point zone. Long story short, the third alliance lost to two clawbots and a mogo only robot


Our battery got pulled out by our opponent in a match. To make it worse, it was our sister team.


During ITZ, we lost in our state semifinals because our partner, and our team both were disconnecting on and off because of loose keys. Can’t wait for V5.


Our team got V5… minutes before we left to get a flight to Hilo.


We forgot to turn on our V5 brain in quarterfinals yesterday.


yea, you were playing against one of my teams.


Not as bad a team pairing up with their sister’s robot back stage while at the alliance station. They inadvertently swapped controllers (Cortex)…

It was sad to watch the robot do nothing even though the LEDs said it was all good :frowning:


Well, easily the unluckiest thing that’s happened to my team is when our alliance and my team decided to go for the blue platform in autonomous during quarter-finals at the same time. Apparently, it was some sort of miscommunication between our teams. Our Robot ended up tipping over and our Alliance had to compete against two other strong robots. We couldn’t get up for the whole match and we could have probably put up a fight. It sucked but nothing like what happened to @lacsap. Thats just horrific. =(


I got hit in the face by a ball from our puncher that shoots 25-ish feet with two rubber bands on each side. It had three on each side.


During the nbn year, we were queuing for a match. I was waiting/bored, so made the incredible decision to lean on a foldable table. As a result, the table collapsed, and the four robots queuing for our match crashed the floor. Best part, ours was the only bot with serious damage.


Had a good Robot ready
Was home meet
Second round is about to start and we are playing
Saw a shaft collar fall off
Not even 15 seconds and our WHOLE claw falls off
We lost autonomous because of our headless horseman robot
could only move lower flags and try to park
20 seconds left and we center park
Other robot tries to get up there
their robots got caught in ours and both fell over and couldn’t get back up
Alliance center parks
We win 17-16


When I was in middle school I was competing in Starstruck…I was a one man team and ended up getting my friend to compete with me…we had 2 amazing robots and we’re one of the best in CA…when we got to the state championship I went undefeated…I even played a couple matches where it was a 1 on 2 situation and I still won…this was our first time doing robotics and we had a goal of making it to the world championship…we designed our robots to be synchronized so that when we picked each other in alliance selection we would be unstoppable…throughout the day I had been standing with my friend as he competed and he would do the same with me…we did not know we were violating the rules at the time and were never given a warning that we were…we were on 2 different teams an A and B team…I picked the second best robot at the competition and picked my friend as a 3rd alliance…we did not have to compete in the Quarterfinals cuz we were 1st seed and the comp was relatively small…when we got to the SF I noticed that we were competing against the team I had carried to state as a 3rd alliance pick previously in a regional comp…my second alliance pick and i competed first and as usual my friend stood next to me for guidance…our whole alliance were comprised of new teams so neither of us thought we were breaking the rules of no more than 3 teammates on a drive team we were not given any warning then or previously so we did not think we were violating anything …they DQed us at the end of the match and we thought that that was ok and we learned our mistake…we played the next match and won…my team mate (my friend) robot was not working so I had to play 1 on 2 and I still won…they showed the score and it showed us as a DQ…I asked why and the ref said it was because we had been violating the 3 per drive team rule during qualifications… we wondered how they could use something against us that happened earlier without any evidence…they told us that the opposing team,the team I beat 1 on 2 in the SF, the team I carried to state had taken pictures of us doing it all day and showed the refs to DQ us we fought with the refs for about an hour before they decided to ultimately DQ us…we never got a shot at the world championship and ironically the ref had another debacle in the finals match and said to the crowd that photographic evidence was not allowed after he DQed us when the other team used a photo against us. The team I carried to state ended up winning the state championship and going to worlds. I watched them over the world livestream and they ended up ranking last. I feel that it was unfair that we were stripped of our chance to compete in the world championship…I was glad however that my second alliance pick ended up making it to the divisional finals in worlds(they made it to worlds through skills) moral of the story read the rules thoroughly and watch out for back stabbing teams u carry to state.


…wow. So, you’re saying that your 3rd pick at a local comp won state? How does that work? Was it a super early season comp you carried them at?


I picked them at a regional competition and they ended up making their robot better for states…before they had a pushbot but for states they made an actual decent robot…they won states thanks to their alliance comprised of good teams…I did however beat them in the semifinals 1 on 2 because I was just better than them (not to brag) I spent about every time I had to practice driving the robot…I practiced against multiple high school teams to become better and my skill in driving was shown at states…however they used a photo to DQ me…the state comp was not easy it was made of multiple good teams such as rolling robots and others. It was a middle school state comp so it may have been easier than HS states but of course that’ll be the case…but the point is that it was my unluckiest experience cuz we spent multiple hours and months practicing, building, programming, testing, and designing for just 2 people that when a photo gets in the way of u and worlds it basically ruins ur dreams and will to compete