How unlucky are you


For one match for In the Zone, the other team’s parent was very, shall we say, involved. During the match, we ran into his team’s robot on accident, causing them to drop a single cone. The match ended and they won. However, one person was not happy with the end, even though his kid won. MR. INVOLVED. He tried to get us DISQUALIFIED FOR RUNNING INTO THE ROBOT. ON ACCIDENT (WHICH WAS ALLOWED, SINCE IT WASN’T MATCH AFFECTING). AND HIS KID WON. He even pretended to be a ref and tried to DQ us (we asked the official event person, and that guy was not a ref.)
Moral of the story: Always ask the person running the event before freaking out about being “disqualified”.


If such case occurs this season to you please write to your RECF Regional Support Manager and the EP, the parent could be considered violating the RECF Code of Conduct. It is unfortunate that there are adults like that. This behavior needs to be documented and tracked.


At a comp recently, on our second-to-last driver skills run, our driver messed up his last shot with our 2BC. How bad? he was facing away from the flags (the two ends of our bot look very similar) and hit the scoring computer instead, which promptly turned off (fortunately, no ones scores were deleted)
we still won skills tho, so it wasn’t a huge deal


@robotguy did that as well, it was about 4-5 hours away.
I also had teammates last year at state who previously hadn’t really done anything throughout the year. They decided to connect the controller and robot when I was talking strategy with an alliance we were with in a qualification match to come. When we had to grab the bot, I grabbed the controller, then when I reached to get the robot, it ran off the table, breaking my mogo lift. If that wasn’t bad enough, the head ref yelled at me, “STOP DAMAGING OUR FLOOR!” Because I intended for my bot to go to war with the gym floor.
Plus every year when we went to state my robot would always get damaged on the way to the tournament


Not sure if it was unlucky per se, but after a long all-nighter our IT robot was working fantastically. We were pretty much undefeated the entire day until one match I wasn’t paying attention and end up sticking an opponent mogo into our 20 point zone. We got dq’d and somehow plummeted in rankings.


We did that at Worlds, so it was about 18 hours from home… Luckily we thought packing a couple extra remotes was a good idea so we were able to compete without any issues


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When this happened to me (T I P P E D )


Auton Fail

Our team is the red one nearest to the camera. I’m “driving”. We made a fix to disable auton when necessary afterwards. The goal was to move back and flip a low flag, but our alliance could do it better so we let them. We thought that the bot could just go back into the field perimeter as it had done at our last comp, but we hadn’t tested it with our new (power tripled) drivetrain. It no longer does this.


Robot in the upper right hand corner (our senior team 2360S)
The level of failure that happened there was outright… I don’t know how to describe it.


I constantly forget which side I am on in the heat of the moment… Many shots or caps go for the other alliance…


Probably all the previous schedules of this year have had me at an average 3/4/0 which is W/L/T ratio


spend weeks prepping equipment for a live webcast at my Event. After it uploads and saves it gets blocked for copyright infringement (due to music playing in the background) and its too long to edit in youtube. RIP


We lost due to autonomous bonus because our Puncher decided it didn’t like autonomous and our teammates missed the bottom flag by a tenth of a centimeter. Our puncher worked all throughout driver though. That field was kinda sketchy though.


otherwise known as a millimeter


Thanks @TheColdedge. I probably should have seen that.


hey it’s okay, I just thought it was sorta funny.


In 5/7 of our matches, our partner could achieve a max of 3 points in our first competition


Our controller started freezing the instant I unplugged it after updating the firmware. We sent it back.


At our last comp my teammate scored -1 points. He hit a flag to the other side that had already been scored in auton.


@FatGorilla That’s nothing. Our driver thought we were the other team went out of his way to score 4 points for the other color while I was yelling from the stands.