How unlucky are you


One time during auton we shot the high flag and parked and when I looked our opponents had just parked and since I had seen the flag get toggled at the start of auton before we parked I was sure we had won autonomous but when the ref said no autonomous I look back at the flag and it had flipped back to its original color, I was sad we lost auton but this wasn’t the end of it almost every flag I shot that was red bounced back to red and then when I shot a neutral flag it ended up bouncing back to red, after going through all this I ended up tieing a match that I should have easily won.


at my last comp, during qualis I had not a single working alliance. and my opponents were always both v5 monsters.


During ITZ worlds my drive started to randomly burn out which it had not been doing previously… it turned out that the inserts on my back 2 wheels were stripped out so I was basically running a 2m high speed drive on a 17.5lb robot for the first few matches. FYI I had a 4 wheel 4m direct drive


In our first competition this year, our auton code leaked over into driver control, and driver control code leaking over into auton. This meant our auton wouldn’t work, but it would run randomly in the middle of a match. 3 months later, and we still don’t know why it happened


50% of the time when our robot is plugged into a comp switch, it doesn’t work. At all.


Our auton got ruined by our licence plate.


3 of our 4 tournaments so far this year, the opponent we lost to in the playoff crossed the line during autonomous, but the ref has never caught it and will not go back to review it with the video. Two of those times we would have won with the bonus.

But the past is in the past.

Oh, and bring back Bo3


Our computer has to die at the most inopportune moments.


big oof, your partner hit the ref with the double shot and both balls rebounded back in


Last competition during a finals match we were in auto and we got caught on a pole turning us right towards one of our team platforms, when we drove up onto it at an angle a screw on our drive got caught on the corner and we got stuck and couldn’t move the whole match


Win math division, get first place in round robin, go to finals, lose match one because our partner tips over, lose match two because we disconnect in the last 30 seconds, ref blames us because our controller had orange batteries.


Entire wheel fell off during starstruck PA states. four wheel drive, so it had issues.




@Kashan hussain
we ripped one motors wires right out of the motor with a gear so we rebuilt the whole thing and it was in a very hard spot got it attached back to the contraption and then the 4b went to move and ripped the wire right out of the same place (this took place over 3 days)


We ranked 1st in qualifiers, as the only undefeated team. In our first elimination match, our intake failed in a way in never had before causing us to lose. Had it been Bo3 we would’ve been able to fix the issue in like 2 minutes O__o


over the season our robot has evolved hugely. we started with a barely functional 4 bar, and now have a really sweet catapult. I was quite confident in our ability to do well in my last tourney. but we had the most abysmal match schedule imaginable, every single match we were up against 2 shooters, with a practically nonfunctional partner. despite our best efforts, we ended up dead last on the rankings. so naturally, we couldn’t get the alliance we desired. we lost in the very first finals match. much fun.

also in all 6 comps this season we’ve been in the very first match


aw RIP. Our first tournament went the same way…
Got the first match of the day, with an untested auton routine
Won the match, but none others except one.
Now we only have one comp left to qualify for States :confused:


saammmee and we have to go against possible the best robot in the state. fun fun fun. better practice driving begging for alliance.


This is the first year my school’s been open. The school ordered v5 kits for a vex team early September, it is now February and we still haven’t gotten our kits. Early January, we started begging and borrowing from other schools for their spare cortex electronics and metal. We managed to build a fully functioning robot, lift, flywheel, and all, within a week and make it to 2 competitions.

First one, our flywheel wasn’t working properly so we focused on stacking the caps, but we only had 2 motor drive and problems getting pinned. Naturally, we did not win. Second competition, we had both the flywheel and a cap stacker, along with 4 motor drive, it was a really good bot.

We placed dead last. We scored 60 points overall, third or fourth most in the tournament. However each match we lost by only 1 to 4 points. For example, in one we lost by 4 points because our teammate crossed the autonomous line.


We have been to three events and ended up alliance partnering with the same team at all of them. This other team went and broke the chain on there robot all three times in the semi-finals. Causing us to barely lose these matches.