How unlucky are you


Chain on Cascade Lift snaps
Hear a bit of a grinding noise, followed by another chain snapping
realize its on our drivetrain (yes we use chain in our drive)
Driver panics, does some weird move + maneuver
wheel pops out of drive train because quality building
driver has mental breakdown
(This all happened in one match)


We were in an ITZ semi-finals match, and we were doing really well when in the last 5 seconds our alliance partner tried to drop a stack of about 15 cones in the 20 point zone, but when they drove over the 10 point bar the robot tipped forward out of the arena resulting in a DQ for our alliance.


At worlds for crossover we were qued up on the field but our radio broke but we didn’t know that we couldn’t fix it so they gave us a clawbot to drive.


Our motors NEVER PTC in a practice match- but they somehow do in real matches.

One of our sister teams made it to the finals 2 times but lost both.


Every competition I went to this season, something major broke on our robot during the 3rd match. First competition, cortex died third match. Another competition, our robot caught on fire during the third match. At states, our lift broke third match. At WPI, the collars on our roller intake became lose and sent rubber bands and spacers all over the field.