how use super sonic sensor?

how use ??? and what it do ??

I assume you mean the ultrasonic sensor (or sonar).

The ultrasonic sensor is used to measure the distance to objects (game objects, field perimeter etc.)

There are some EasyC examples in the samples folder.
(C:\Program Files\Common Files\Intelitek\easyC V4 for Cortex\Documents\Projects\Samples\Ultrasonic Test)

Also another one here (may be the same one, also looks old so it may not work).

EasyC tech support isn’t answering your question as it’s the weekend, no one else can post in that forum.

Cortex\Documents\Projects\Samples\Ultrasonic Test ; there is no thing there please hep

All you really need to do is use the open project menu and it will take you there. You didn’t give much information in the original post, are you programming a cortex? Which version of EasyC do you have?

ther e is no thing at Cortex\Documents\Projects\Samples\Ultrasonic Test
yes, cortex i programming

Don’t worry about looking for the samples in that folder, just go to “open project” in EasyC, click on the samples folder and then navigate to the ultrasonic test.


help , i domt under stand

OK, what don’t you understand? All of your posts on both the official Q&A and the general response forums have consisted of less than complete sentences that leave everyone thinking “what’s going on?”

(We think) you’re trying to figure out how the ultrasonic sensor works using EasyC V4 and you’re trying to figure out what we’re telling you. Mr. Pearman and Intellitek Support are possibly the most qualified to give you answers, but you are not stating what you don’t understand. Are you unable to get to the Open Project dialog? Do you still not get how to program the ultrasonic program? Or is there something else you do not understand?

i sory, i stil not now how to get to utrasonc program , pz , help , sory if my engish not good