How will championships' drayage work?

I’ve looked at the form which has some instructions and things to fill in, but I don’t quite get how the process works.

From what I understand, you pack up things such as your robots, tools, etc, and send it off to the Freeman warehouse through a carrier such as UPS?

When the tournament comes around, your equipment will be delivered to your pit area?

Lastly regarding shipping back home, it will assist somehow in that process?

Unsure if I understand it correctly… any confirmations/clarifications would be much appreciated.

You’ve actually described it pretty well. You ship to the drayage company via common carrier (such as UPS), and they warehouse your gear until the event starts, at which time they deliver it to the pits. At the end of the event, you give it back to the drayage company (with the proper shipping information attached) and they take care of getting it to your shipper for you.

Ahh I see, thank you for the clarifications.

Another question I have then is whether the shipment rates only cover the warehousing, or if it also accounts for the carrier shipping as well.

Finally, is it possible to pick up from the warehouse prior to the event? My team really wants to bring part of our field and practice. :smiley:

The drayage rates do not include shipping, and I would contact Freeman if you have questions about non-standard procedures.

I know you don’t have a field of your own – who are you trying to kid?

We have one of those self-made PVC/wood budget fields that kind-of-not-really works… as soon as we put some wall posts on. :slight_smile:

I wonder if we could just put up a field in the lobby of each of the Disney hotels? (This is a joke. Please do not try this.)