How Will Match Loads be Held with Elevated Fields

Just wondering, how will match loads be made available for elevated fields during competitions? For those stages that are on the floor, the majority, I imagine they are just on the floor for grabbing.

But, the rules state that you cannot use an aid to hold the balls unless everyone has one, so how will the preloads be managed? Will the loaders have to reach all the way down to the floor to get them? Will they have bags? It just seems that if a robot is shooting at 2x balls per second it will be tough to get the balls to it in time?

For official answers you would need to ask an official source, but I can answer about what we do in NZ.

Given the number of driver - control loads, we would always provide a container to both alliances, mostly because we wouldn’t want balls rolling everywhere on the floor. The object kits come with a bag to hold the balls in (see here), but we’ve found that using the boxes themselves is better because you can easily see how many objects have been given to an alliance. As an addition, we usually have a similar box behind the goals to collect objects which have left the field of play.