How will the plastic limit be enforced at worlds?

I am prepared with a diagram of my polycarbonate, but iirc last year it was very necessary for me to present it. Since poly is more useful this year I was wondering how harshly this rule will be enforced; I have seen a few bots where the legality of their plastic limit is questionable (and would rather not be “that guy” and call it out on the field).

It is enforced the same every year.
If it is clear that the usage is not gonna violate the limit, then the inspectors will let it pass.

But if the inspectors are not sure, then the team will need to show that it is within limit - and that’s when the diagram will be useful.


A diagram would be nice. Additionally, if you marked the poly with a sharpie every inch then an inspector could clearly see the size of the poly w/o using a tape measure. Sort of like a grid or at least a mark each inch along each edge.

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