How would balls be scored in this situation?

I recently read Another loophole? and I’m thinking about using something like this in my autonomous program. I have one question about the scoring of the balls however.

If a green cube was stacked on top of a red cube for reasons described in the link above, and a ball was stacked on top of the red cube, would it count as 1 or 2 points? According to the rulebook it would be scored on top of the red cube, but it would also be scored inside the green cube. So which would it be, 1 or 2 points? Or have I found the most amazing loophole in the history of the universe that lets 1 ball score 3 points for being both on top of and within a cube?

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from the game manual:

Note: If a Ball meets the criteria for both “inside” and “on top of” a Cube (i.e. criteria a and b), then
it counts as being on top of a Cube (i.e. criteria b).


Thanks for the quick answer! Cackles evilly and opens robot mesh