How Would I Calibrate an Inertial Sensor Using Vex V5 Block Code?

Hello, my team currently has one of these sensors attached directly in the middle of the drive train and was wondering how we could use it. We placed it in the hopes of creating more accurate turns though am not sure how to calibrate it. Is this possible using block coding?
Thank you

Welcome to the forum @ttha5377!

Easiest thing is to set up a drivetrain in the device configuration menu – if you configure the inertial sensor as part of the drivetrain, the turning blocks (“turn for”, “turn to heading”, etc.) will use the inertial sensor.

If the design of your robot isn’t compatible with the built-in drivetrain object (e.g., if your robot has an x-drive or h-drive or mecanum wheels), you’ll need to write your own code to turn using the inertial sensor. Writing your own turning code may also yield better results than the built-in drivetrain blocks. Here’s a good starting point for that, and there are lots of other resources available if you search the forum for things like “PID turning”:

(that page is talking about IQ but the logic for doing this with V5 is the same)


Thank you for this answer! So by adding the sensor to the drivetrain, will I be set? Is there any other steps I need to take in order to calibrate it?

inertial sensor calibration happens every time a program is started, just make sure the robot is not moving during that time.