How would you make a no-water water game?

So one of these days VEX and the RECF will give a nod to the infamous “water game” meme. How would YOU create a water game with no H2O?

Blue bean bags lifted up onto a chute/slide, and they slide into scoring position?
“Welcome to VEX Robotics Challenge WATERFALL!”

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As I’ve said an another thread, I would have two types of game elements. One smaller and one larger. You would have to score them together, and each group of 3 (2 smalls and one large) would score bonus points.
Needless to say, the large object would represent an oxygen atom, and the smalls would be hydrogens. H2O.


Objects that Velcro together as scoring objects would be a unique twist to scoring. Is that what you have in mind?

Not necessarily, but I did consider Velcro. I think we’d see more unique robots (and less eventual game element wearing, and maybe less static) if the robots themselves had to group together the water molecules.

But, Velcro would be a cool idea. But I don’t know how much production of that would cost as opposed to the current, plastic type game elements.

Why not combine our ideas and drop the water molecules into the waterfall? (Although I’m sure that there might be better ways to score things, like filling up “tubes” that represent water bottles.)

The scattered elements could start in a central “lake,” and then robots would have to horizontally expand to reach them. Or something.

I was thinking of several hundred blue ping pong balls that startin a bucket in the middle of the field. Someone would engage an air compressor and the balls would be free for scoring.

Is this what you guys want @Rieger.samuel26

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