How would you start Autonomous Code in VCS?

How do you start Auton in VCS?

open the competition example and go from there.

once you have an autonomous defined in a competition program, attach your remote to the field control/switch and enable the robot in autonomous mode.

@jpearman any way to start the autonomous from the V5 Control while debugging?

There are a couple of options.
you can start a timed match from the controller, this will run auton for 15 seconds followed by driver control for 105 seconds (despite what the controller screen says, those numbers are wrong).
you can also start a programing skills run, that will run auton for 60 seconds.
Both of these need some more work as they launch the program and immediately start the autonomous function, we need a delay so that any gyro or other initialization code can run.

There is also an undocumented method on the competition class you can use to manually start auton, perhaps from a button on the controller.


There are similar methods for driver and disable.


(being undocumented methods we may still change the names of these in a future SDK to improve naming consistency)

Is there any way to code autonomous in the modkit language?

The graphical competition template in robotc was always great. I had a new team show up for one of my competitions 2 weeks ago and we got them started in just a few minutes with the graphical template. That’s a nice option to have for last minute.

So is there a way to start autonomous in it?

See this thread: