How you plan to store and pick up game pieces

This thread is to get a feel for what devises are being used to pick up the game pieces and how you plan to store and get them out of the storing mechanism.

Video <----- This is our teams first intake of the season, it needs ALOT of work before it is ready but most of us in our team plan to use something similar to this

My team doesnt have anything definite yet, but we found that wrapping the smallest flaps from the tank tread upgrade kit around a 6 tooth sprocket seems to work well because it gets good grip and acts somewhat like teeth gripping at the sack.

I’m going to use tank tread with standoffs attached at increments along it to bring the sacks up a ramp into a basket.

top rollers because of the ease of descoring them into your own robot

Black Magic. Enough said. :wink:

Sunshine and Lollipops! We don’t confirmed designs yet as we are still in the land of thinking, designing, and prototyping.

Alright…I think this thread goes a little too far. :frowning:

Well who said you need to pick up objects? trollface.jpg

On a more serious note:

Some thoughts on design decisions to consider/prototype:

Are the scoring and descoring mechanism the same mechanism?

Is the decoring mechanism separate from the scoring mechanism but mechanically linked, much like some teams Round Up Needles+Forks on an arm?

Are the two mechanisms separate and independent, likely on different parts of the bot?

Does one mechanism do everything? Score, descore, store, and intake?

On one of our robots, yes, our intakes and table does everything. But we are also making one that can’t descore, since you don’t need to de score in the skills challenges.

I agree that top rollers are the way to go, but I do not know about using flaps. The small flaps might be effective but I think something more sturdy should be used. Maybe a mix of flaps and screws. But if screws were used you need to make sure that they aren’t too low that they poke through the bean bags and break them.

Accidently tearing up the field is more likely than poking through the sacks.

Our intake will be a set four rollers on the 6-tooth sprocket gears. It has tank tread links consisting of 3 flaps and 3 pairs of standoffs on each roller.