Howdy.... New guy on the block

Great forum. Too bad there is not more enthusiasm with VEX. Well… maybe we can change that.

Myself? Retired U.S Army Airborne/Signal Corps (no, I’m not going to teach you how to safely throw your bot out of a plane), Married with first child on the way due in March, Ultralight pilot and flight instuctor, Am Photographer, and tinkerer of all trades.

Sheer boredom and need for an extra hobby drew me to VEX, However my first RC bots were the Rokenboks (yeah, I’m a kid at heart).

Anyway, glad to be here. :slight_smile:

CAUTION: Trying to figure out my username, might just tick you off! :wink:

Welcome! glad for you to join us;)

Welcome, I want to be a fighter pilot when I get out of high school, well after I go to the Air Force Academy for college, hopefully.:smiley:

same here brother

Welcome! I very much like your quote:
“All we can hope to do in robotics, is to come as close
as technology and ethics will allow.”

I am writing a paper on robo-ethics, so you can see why I like it.
About your user name, let’s see how long it takes for someone to figure it out. Two times are…?


Thanks. If you want to use it, you can, just be sure to use my full quote and don’t take it out of context… It goes together, if you think about it.

I will PM you a name to credit it under.

As for my username… Yes you got the first part right. :slight_smile:

Let me give you the rest… now mind you, it may disturb some people. :wink:

Here goes…

2X Radio Shack $99 dollar VEX starter kits.

In other words… I SCORED! :smiley:

Always good to get new people!

My brother wants to be a fighter pilot and he’s serious about it, though hes only 10, me i want to build robots for NASA
Tells you why im here?