How's life going for school or VEX?

how’s life going for ya? if your in school, well do you use zoom? if your not, then send some photos of your VEX :smiley:

I was doing phenomenal until today, when vex banned quickswap.


Wait, what?

I didn’t think that necessarily banned quick swap, isn’t that just changing the cartridge and cap?


Life’s going good, thanks for asking! I’m just chilling, having online school, meaning more sleep (my programmer brain is fried regardless tho lmao).

How about you?


I think it did ban quick swap- quick swap is usually when motor caps are held in place with rubber bands or zip ties instead of the screws they come with so that between matches you can swap your hot motor for cooler ones. With how they worded it, it seems pretty clear that they are making it illegal unfortunately : (

can we get some confirmation on this from the GDC? or maybe someone can ask a qna? i really like quick swapping and i think it’s silly to make it illegal


Yes, I understand that. What I’m thinking though is all you have to do is put a new motor cartridge in each time with the new motor and then you’re still making legal modifications. You don’t “have to” put the 4 screws back in tight. It’s not a requirement. You could just put rubber bands on any motor that you want and then "hope’ it doesn’t come loose. that or leave the 4 screws in wicked loose to just pull them out easily. They can’t measure tightness


I hope you’re right, but if we could still get someone could verify it that’d be great. refs and ep’s read the forums too it seems and may interpret it in a way the GDC didn’t intend


Agreed. An answer on whether or not screws must be in the motor or not would be nice

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holding a motor together with zipties isn’t necessarily a “modification”. at least I don’t think it qualifies as one because you aren’t make any modifications to the motor itself, just putting an external part around it. you could argue that the removing of the screws is a modification, but that seems silly to me, since those screws are routinely removed as part of the cap when changing cartridges. I agree that a clarification from the GDC would be nice. Q&A time?

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we are actually doing in-person school :rage: and it is not horrible. Vex is happening :sunglasses: and that’s cool


Absolutely vibing


4-bar wedge dropdown op


Nice! same chilling, watching my classmates fail at answering questions cuz they dont pay attention lmaoo
my fav sport activity is finally back because of lockdown (again)

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wow! looks like an arcade lol

we were supposed to be in person school like in october, but then it extended till january :sob:

ask and you shall recieve

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rip my school’s club hasn’t even started yet and it won’t until next year

For me school’s been out since March. It happened on Friday the 13th. We’re supposed to be going back to school as soon as we have 21 days in not the purple zone.

As far as robots go, my FRC team has not been meeting since our competition got canceled after we drove three hours to get there and unloaded. We basically drove three hours, stayed a night in a hotel, and drove back home😢. I’ve been doing VEX IQ for fun because I love doing robots.

We’re going to start up again (supposedly) after kickoff (the game release day for FRC). Since we are playing the same game again with a twist, it’ll be an interesting season, especially since many [of the good] teams didn’t even get to show their robot at a competition.


We basically missed school since after march, as we had several tornadoes in Tennessee, and school was canceled for that week, then we had our eighth grade DC trip, and covid hit right after. So we are virtual right now, but we actually are meeting in person for vex, socially distancing at our school.