How's your region doing?

I’m watching from home, kinda bummed because my students missed qualifying for world’s by 2 spots.

…But I’m totally excited because my state is REPRESENTING!

As of the Friday lunch break, Indiana teams are a combined 40-15 for a winning percentage of almost 73%!!!

How is your region doing? Which region will reign supreme? They should have a way to crown a champion region as well. Develop a formula involving wins/ties plus bonus points for advancing in the tournament/round robins/finals. Points should be per capita (per team) so as not to give a disadvantage to smaller regions.

The best formula would probably just be (total wins + 0.5* total ties)/(total teams). No bonuses for advancing are necessary because the bonus is the opportunity to gather more wins.

I wonder how the politics of VEX teams is factoring into WL ratios right now :P.

VEXdb makes it so easy to track… thank you VEXdb!


Thanks! Confirms my belief that the Hoosier state is performing very well.

Question: If you are on an alliance during the tournament rounds, but not on the field, does VEXdb give you a win/loss?

Tell me more about what you mean. Are you talking about how regional lines are drawn, the number of teams each region gets, the way the spots are awarded, or something else.

I would think the real separator between the elite regions and the rest is the quality of the third picks that qualify for worlds. The quality of the third pick really says a lot about the depth of competition and overall strength of the entire region.

Personally third picks don’t matter at all. No offense to any teams. What I mean is the strategy behind why some teams that seem good are so low and why some teams that don’t perform as well as others are on top.

I wasn’t saying third picks matter, just that they are an indicator that a region has depth of talent.

Do you really think people are intentionally losing at this level? The risk seems too high.

Indiana represent!