HS Chain, LS Chain, HS Gears,or LS Gears

What do you do you all prefer?


It completely depends. If I was looking for creating a drive-train, most of the time I would go for High Strength Sprockets and Chain. If I was looking for a gear ratio for an arm, I normally would stick with High Strength Spur Gears.


I"m asking for your overall favorite. It doesn’t matter the applications, just what you preffer.

In that case I tend to prefer using the (High Strength) Spur Gears, rather than chain. However if the application does not require High Strength gears, I would gladly go “down” to “Low Strength” Spur Gears.


I love the HS Chain, but the other options are useful for different things.

HS Chain for the drive train and HS gears for the arm usually.

That is what we are doing?