HS Strength Shaft vs Low Strength Shaft For Intake

I’m worried that using regular shafts on my intake won’t be a good idea because they have a tendency to bend. While I would love to use HS strength shafts, they take much more effort to put on a robot, what with the hole drilling and modification of c-channels. I want to consult the forums and get some feedback: how much success or failure have you had with either shaft type?
If you used regular shafts, did you brace them in any way?

The final overarching question is: is it worth it to use HS shafts on an intake, or do regular shafts cut it?

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you can use ls shafts. I use them every were on my robot and it works just fine. make sure to support them on both sides and use bearings

I feel like it depends on how much pressure you are putting on the shafts, if you are putting more pressure then use the high strength shaft, if you are putting not to much then you should use the low strength shaft.

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I use a high strength shaft on the first stage of the intake, the stage that sticks out of the robot. I use one here because a hs shaft won’t bend and this stage would be the one that receives the most contact and defense from other bots.

In all the other parts of the intake i use low strength shafts due to it being lighter and easier to put on the robot. There’s not a really good reason to use a high strength shaft here and other places that don’t receive much contact.