HS World Champions?

Which division will the Champions come from this year?

I would like to make my guess once I see the division list.

How i see it i can’t really say there are many good teams in all divisions this year. I like how they did the 1,2,3,4 count four picking teams. They really mixed teams up this year.

Its already out…

Math has GER and a super stacker! If they ally with each other, they’re going to be hard to beat!

My pick would have to MATH because of GER and Lynfield.

I know. I haven’t looked at em’ yet though.

Yes, there is almost 677 which is a very tough robot.
But, science has 24c,2915B,404,and720P. all good robots and look at other division. alot of very good teams and alliances. So i wont really guess till i see who picks who.

Almost 677? What does that mean?

Oh, sorry i meant also.:stuck_out_tongue:

My reasoning too.

I really like math to win. Green Eggs and a team like Lynfield or 677 would be amazing. However if 1107b can team up with a pair of wallbots, they might be unstoppable. Overall I think the experience and skill of Green Eggs will come through and win them another title. :slight_smile:

Don’t count out engineering, that’s where the original super stacker is

yep, and so far i see 3 wallbots already from memory! :slight_smile:

Us, Wallie … who else?

Hello there.

Keep in mind that Super Stacker 2 is in Math! Them and Green Eggs would decimate 1107B!

Sorry, murdo, but GER’s got 3 world titles!

Sorry, I forgot about you guys

They may have 3 world titles but, I think the fact that they take so much time to score takes away from what should be their primary function - being a wall. Overall, they do have a very nice design though.

Where’s the love for Technology? No GER, no known wall bots, neither super stacker… Well then. Bring it on.

You’ll probably just see some great NZ designs, and Tank Tread designs in the Technology division then.