***** HUGE Vex set FOR SALE!! *****


For the past 5 years I have had the opportunity to experience the thrill of experimenting with the Vex robotics system, participating in multiple competitions (Bridge Battle, Elevation, & Cleansweep), and competing at the Vex World Championship event in 2009 (4th place qualifications – quarterfinals!). After my last regional in Batavia I decided to sell all of my Vex parts because they will be of little use to me once college comes around this fall. The set I am selling is listed below in an attached pdf file and contains an ENORMOUS collection of parts collected over the past few years.

All of the important fragile sensor, motion, and logic parts are in perfect condition! The structure parts are also in great condition (with only a couple pieces cut here and there).

At the moment I am selling the kit for $1300 + shipping (originally $2202.47 worth of parts!). This set is perfect for ANY competition team, school, or individual; and has absolutely EVERYTHING and more needed to get you going for competition or personal use.

If you are interested, please email me at: [EMAIL=“aerospacephd@aol.com”]aerospacephd@aol.com or reply.

Note: the price is negotiable


VexPartsFORSALE.pdf (209 KB)

How would the transaction be completed?

Forgot to mention this:

I’d prefer the transaction be completed through Paypal.







I might be interested, I just have to earn the money :slight_smile: Give me a few weeks and I’ll get back to you if no one else wants a super awesome deal.

that IS an awesome deal
HOWEVER, those all all the “old” stuff
its nice for new starter teams
but not enough edge for competitive teams
if nobody gets it, would you mind splitting the kit?
i would LOVE to get my hands on some of your sensors

Chris is me:

The kit will be available on first come first serve basis. Who knows, maybe you’ll win the lottery tomorrow and won’t have to go through the trouble of earning that money :smiley:


If I have trouble selling it I might consider splitting the kit up but thats something i’ll consider farther along the line… Guess I’ll have to wait and see. And I agree, this kit is perfect for all teams, even competitive teams would benefit. After all it has taken me to a couple regionals and the world champs in the past. :slight_smile:



There’s less than $900 worth of “old stuff” here, and you’ll find it’s nice to have a few of the old microcontroller or transmitters around for prototyping, practice robots, etc.

Hoping for that lottery ticket :smiley:

WOW!! That’s a TON of stuff. I REALLY hope I win the lottery. Unfortunately, I have nowhere near as much money… :frowning: Hope whoever gets it enjoys it!:D:D:D I think this would definitely help completion teams. You could always sell the parts you don’t want and buy more parts.


i might be interested in this for starting a team at my school this coming up year. gimme some time to see if i can create a team and if i can this would be perfect. just hold on for another three months till school starts

One day left to bid!!! :smiley:


did someone already make an offer?

Bid where? Why the restriction? What bids have been placed?

There are 7 hours left


WOW this is a good deal x2 lol

im nowhere near that much money tho, but i want it:D

How about 1500??:confused:

Is this still for sale?


This kit has been sold.