Human Body with Vex Parts

Weird question - For a fun classroom project (teachers) - has anyone ever made a human body or doll or animal from vex parts (moving capability) and then 3D printed parts to glue on so it looks like something more than metal?


I have not, or know people that have, but it should work, I would just use the basic claw bot. Take the claw off. Then I would use the printed parts of your choice. Instead of supergluing it, I would make it so it could sit on the robot using a metal bar or something to hold it in place. If you want ideas for a class project, you are able to respond to me!

Sure! Send me project ideas!

your could try this design


IK its not vex but you could make it with vex parts

If you are looking for Robotics Projects specifically, and you have the parts you could:
Have races, working with gear ratios to make the faster bot, or slowest for an opposite race.
If you have a light sensor you could use black or a darker colored tape on the floor to try to guide the robot along a course.
You could have a Football (American Soccer) like game.
You could try to have your class do a Mock-SpinUp challenge.
Vex SpinUp

If you are working on design you could:
Create a new robot in general, and go for the tallest, flattest, or other parameters.
You could try designing a Vex Motorcycle bot, or something close to a motorcycle.

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