Human Interaction During Autonomous

I know that you’re allowed to reposition your robot during the autonomous period as long as it is fully in contact with your starting tile. My question is, would moving your robot across the bump be legal under this rule? Or are the zones on either side of the bump separate, and thus moving across the bump would illegal since it is more than just repositioning within a zone?

Yes, That Is Illegal

Thanks. I have one more question if anyone wants to answer… In the programming skills challenge, since all the starting zones are technically of the same color, would it be legal to do the following: start in red zone, manipulate robot in red zone, do a bunch of stuff, move over to blue zone, and then manually manipulate the robot in the blue zone as well? (you would have one person stationed at each side).

No. You can only reposition on one colour field tile, the one you start on.

And one additional thing that can really mess you up. When your robot is contacting the bump you cannot interact with it. It doesn’t matter whether it is stopping on it or barely touching it.

Does this mean that even if the robot is fully within the starting square, but a part of it is touching the bump, I can’t interact with it? And if so, can you cite the rule that includes this restriction?

Just clarifying because that comes across as being completely false to me.

“<SG4> During the Autonomous Period, Drivers and Coaches may handle their own Robot while the Robot is in contact with their own Alliance Starting Tile (i.e. the tile the Robot started the match on), and not touching the Bump, within the following restrictions…”

It isn’t really hiding, though nobody seems to know about it and I have seen many teams break the rule without being stopped.

Wow… well I’ll have to make some revisions to my middle zone autonomous programs then!
Thanks for posting the rule.