Human Interface Rotor System Helicopter: HMI / HAM

I have received some positive feedback from engineers and pilots. One patent pending for it. Bell Helicopters is taking a look at it, but no promises. DARPA took a look as well as a few others.
Human Interface Rotor System helicopter (HIR) US Patent App. # 12,462,595

The HIR airframe uses “human interface” in conjunction with an offset axis gimbal joint to “morph” the airframe thereby tilting the rotor disc for directional control. This slightly “flexes” the center of gravity. Charles Seibel was first to design a helicopter with human interface control. The GEN H4 uses a gimbal, yet it is a fixed pitch coaxial design. The HIR system does not have any linear shift in weight / CG.
The Human Interface Rotor System is only a “motion and balance” physical-interface system in its current configuration. The weight of the pilot is in balance with the rest of the upper airframe aft and distributed between the two airframes. The goal is to combine haptic and physical interface with a computer system that assists with pilot control. The HIR rotor system can then become a platform with an intelligent control system. Our Japanese counter parts are already working with HMI and HAM, but I have not seen it applied to rotorcraft as of yet.

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Got the second prototype of my patent flying with fair control; coaxial planform morphing airframe rotor disc control. Minor adjustments; outdoor obstacles this weekend