Human Stacking Cones from Loading Platform

Hello, I know this is as stupid rule, but I wanted to know the legality of this. I couldn’t find anything in the rules refuting this, but if there is, please quote the rule. Anyways, is it legal for the human player to slightly shove the cone off of the loading platform for it to fall on the mobile goal. I’ve attached a video if anybody wants to see what I’m talking about. Thanks!

I am almost certain that is not allowed. Teams are only allowed to place the cones on loading zone, anything else is usually prohibited.

From the game manual:

*<SG3> There can never be more than one (1) Cone on a Loader at any given time. There will be one (1) Cone on the Loader to start the Match. Additional Cones may be loaded by a Drive Team Member onto the Loader at any point during the Match. Cones must be placed upright and upon the Loader. Robots may not contact a Cone if it is being touched by a human.

Note: Cones are considered to be “in play” once they are placed on the Loader and may no longer be contacted by Drive Team Members.*

The rule is perfectly clear. Let’s not waste the GDC’s time bothering them about it. Also, I’m not sure why you think this is a stupid rule, as it makes sense to me. They want robots to handle cones and don’t want human players shoving them around the field.

Sorry I meant stupid question. Anyways, what part of that rule states that you can’t? It doesn’t seem like there is a part that mentions that. It is implied, but not stated, so…

<SG3>…Cones must be placed upright and upon the Loader. …
If the cone is not upright on the loader, it is not a proper load and should be removed from the playing field not scored.

In the 1 second video you posted, it clearly shows that you are not placing the cone upright on the loader. The bottom of the cone never touched the loader. If you are going to ask what you think is a stupid question and have video to explain what you are talking about, at least have the video showing something close to a legal load.

That wasn’t really the point of the video: it was to help explain what my words were saying. And just a suggestion, can you maybe try to be a bit nicer? Also, I’ve already received clarification and the question has been answered for a while.

If you really want to load loader cones fast, use a set of side roller that intakes it and spits out the back really fast.