Hy there! New in here!

Hi everyone, Sergi here! I have just started in the VEX world and I hope it’ll be great! I also hope that this community will be helpful to people like me. I would thank a lot if you give me some starting tips or suggestions for this, my first year. Thank you all.

I leave now! but i’ll be right back…



Thank you!


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In terms of tips, there’s one I noticed from my first year that I can tell you; it’s never as easy as it looks! Trust me, even if it looks easy it really isn’t

I really thank you

Yes it’ll be better

As for actual advice, never be afraid to ask for help. I still thank my mentor/teacher for not telling me anything about robotics because I would still be a super proud annoying kid to this date. Now I am just an annoying kid :). You can ask people at competitions or PM people here at the forums if you need direct help with a specific part of your robot or a line of code that you don’t want to put out publicly (Just ask first). I know that countless others and I here would be happy to answer some questions.

Also, another tip for competitions, don’t rule out a team just because they aren’t high in the qualification rankings. This goes for underestimating them as opponents, and for selecting alliance partners. There could be many reasons as to why they are low; an unlucky schedule, breaking down in one match, a slow start.

Likewise, don’t just assume that because a team is ranked highly, that they are the best option. Again, this goes for them being your opponents or alliance partners. Ask yourself why they are up there. Is their robot actually on the same level as the other top robots? If the answer is no, then ask what happened. It could be that they had a lucky schedule or a fortunate turn of events. It’s fairly uncommon, but it happens.

Thanks to everyone! If anyone close this post i hope someone will give me some more tip but me and my team will have on count what you have told me. (Before all, the teemo thing xD)

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