I was reading the scouting thread and saw that people were talking about being at the Hyatt hotel, and remembering that all vex teams got the special offer, so I was thinking that maybe we should hold some meeting/get-together like at the pool or somebody’s room or something so that many teams can meet and get to know each other better.
I don’t know if I could organize it but I thought it’d be a good idea.
Anyone else?

I will be staying there. I’m sure there is a common area we could use.

We will not be staying there but we might be interested in checking it out… on that note is anyone staying at the Crowne Plaza/West End?

Omg! :slight_smile:
That would be soooo cool! :slight_smile:

We should have a pool party. I think that if all the teams were to go to someones room, we wouldnt be able to move. XD

But if anyone would be willing to help me, I would gladly plan the event. Or if anyone seeks help from me, I would gladly help them!

IM STAYING THERE! :slight_smile: It would be cool to have a gathering and get to know all of the teams.

Yep - we’re at the West End hotel.

The Super Sonic Sparks (S-Cubed), Team 24 (B & C) from Westminster, MD will be at the Hyatt. I am sure my team members would love to get together with other teams and make some new friends.

See everyone there!

Would this just be for the teams only or could forum members who would like to make some new friends come too?

I’m staying at the Hyatt and I thought that it would be nice to meet some of the people from the teams/forum.

That would be ok. I’m sure that a lot of fourm people would want to be there. And if it’s a pool party, then it sould be open to everyone because I’m pretty sure that were not going be stealing the whole pool and not letting the other gests enjoy the pool.

That’s true, but I didn’t want to be a party crasher so I thought that I would ask. By the way, it’s a great idea and I think everyone will really enjoy it!

OK – so pool party Thursday night? Are you sure you want to see robot kids from northern climes this early in the year? I’m just sayin’ – not a lot of tans up here yet.

Just no speedos allowed. mmk?

Well isnt Thursday the practice day? So then we’d be practicing all through that time, and then wouldn’t most of our advisors/mentors/teachers want us to go to sleep or lights out or something early because of the competition the next day?

I’m at the Hyatt, but the rest of 254 is at the Market Center Embassy Suites. It’s very likely that we’ll all spend the majority of our time at the Hyatt though, since most of the teams are there.

If this is anything like Atlanta during Worlds, there are going to be teams loitering around in the halls (and tinkering with their robots, since this is a Vex World Championship). I don’t think we’ll need a set location to gather, we’ll just find each other…

You know what? Your totally right. But sometimes some people are kinda shy and stuff… plus pool parties are fun! :slight_smile:

(btw, you can bet that we’ll just find each other in the halls… I’m kinda weird cuz I LOVE making friends… so I just go up to people and start talking to them. Lol. :))

As NASA might say: Sleep is not an option.

Cranbrook’s 37, 38, and 39 will be staying there… and one of my guys was wondering if anybody would like a counterstrike tournament over the LAN

Amusing Old Guy anecdote:

At the Portland FRC regional in 2005, I was with team 1294 at the Inn at the Convention Center. It’s not a big hotel, but it is several stories tall and each room has a little mini-balcony. Since our rooms were scattered over two floors and not next to each other, the students were having trouble getting all their computers hooked up to each other (this was in the days before cheap wireless hubs).

Their solution was to string Ethernet cables out the window on the fifth floor down to the fourth to connect two rooms, and then spread cables around the outside of the hotel from room to room. I happened to step out on my little balcony and saw a student crawling around the balconies stringing cable around the outside of the railings (since not all the rooms were ours, they brought cable around the outside of intervening non-team rooms). The student doing the cabling was – of course – my oldest son.

Just as I was about to tell him to get inside before he plummeted to his death, I looked down and saw the team’s chief teacher/mentor, as she stopped, looked up at my son, and stared in disbelief. She then lowered her head, shook it from side to side, and walked into the hotel. She never said a word about it. I’m glad she didn’t see me watching, or we would have had to do something about my son’s foolishness. My son jumped over the rail of a room full of teammates, went inside, and resumed video-game playing.

If he’d fallen, I would have killed him.

Hey guys :slight_smile:
I will be bringing my 360, if you have a wifi adapter, we can have a lan party!
That would be totally cool :slight_smile:

I bet you guys will beat me, im not that good :o
beat me real nice :stuck_out_tongue:

are you guys going to the pool party? :rolleyes: