HYBRID 20785A Worlds Reveal

Team HYBRID 20785A is proud to present our robot for VEX Turning Point 2019.
See you in the Engineering Division!



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Very good! :rocket::robot:

Congratulations to all of the team!
May you reap good results in this world tournament!

Good luck to everyone!

Greetings from Brazil!


How does the five motor drive work? Is it like an h-drive?

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We have a normal 4 motor drive with 6 wheels but also an extra central wheel which has its own motor on it. Hence we have 3 wheels on the back of our robot which you can see at 0:16. It’s a tank drive.
Hope that helps.

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No, you have an extra wheel lined up along the center line of the robot with a motor attached to it. Then you assign that motor’s speed through a program in your code.

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Thank you so much for the kind words Lucas
Greetings from all of us in the UK!