Hybrid Design Flaws?

What are the disadvantages to having a hybrid flywheel and linear puncher for a state competition and why have people started switching from hybrid to just single flywheel. Please do not say that you can’t elevate with the hybrid. And also, would a 3 motor puncher, 3 motor flywheel, 4 motor x drive, and 2 motor intake be good for a hybrid and work efficiently. I was planning on going with the design for state, but then changed my idea so I don’t know if I should regret what I did or not

3 motors for slipgear is too many.
2 is more than enough.
I think most people have been switching from lp to single flywheel because linear punchers are harder than it seems.
They wear down quickly, requires very good build quality to be good, and there is a limit to how fast you can load them.
With flywheels, all you have to do is put balls in the intake.

I see, so are there any disadvantages with a 3 motor flywheel like the concept I typed with the x drive and everything else?

I would switch to a 4 motor flywheel and 2 motor linear puncher.
The start up time is shorter which is important for fielding.
Also, i would go with a H drive.
There are gonna be a lot of lifting ribots at worlds and most are made for H drive bases.

I ran a 3 motor flywheel 3 motor puncher 4 motor tank drive and 2 motor intake for half the season. We moved away from the hybrid design because we didn’t see any advantages of the hybrid anymore. Three motors are wasted after about 20 seconds in. We thought about making a transmission between the two, but then again you could get the same results with just a single flywheel. A single flywheel can do all that a hybrid can do but with the possibility of being better at everything.

In other words, what would your motor layout be

We are currently rebuilding for worlds (Middle school team).
4 motor turbo base
2 motor slipgear
1 motor slipgear feeder(For auto)
4 motor single flywheel
1 motor 2 stage intake (Chained together)

If you need help or want oictures of our states robot, you could just pm me.

Do you feel that a volcano shooter with a 1:7 gear ratio with 2 motor would work well to have a six motor drive and 3 motor puncher like 2rs?

Volcano shooter?

Shooter that does bar shots

There is no need for 2 punchers.
We shot all 24 preloads in 20 seconds with 1 puncher.
We could have gone faster but we slowed down so that we could give our loader time.

I meant 1 puncher with 3 motors like Stanley shis from 2r, sorry if that wasn’t clear

Stanley had a 4 motor drive, 3 motor flywheel, 3 motor puncher, and 2 motor intake/magazine.

We tried that.
We decided that 2 motors works perfectly fine.
For some reason, our lp shot faster with 2 motors and with the 3rd one attached with a sprocket.

Alright, thank you, but to restate my original question what are the flaws with Stanley shis design and please do not say that it can’t lift

That pretty much is the only flaw imo.

Oh wow

Well if anyone knows any, feel free to reply (please

It wastes three motors after you finish preloads. The single flywheel has the possibility of doing everything a hybrid can do better.