Hypothetical/Impossible Scenario Regarding <R15>

I thought of an interesting scenario that would most likely never happen during a match, but I still wanted to hear everyone’s thoughts about this.

What if your robot caused such an immense amount of friction during a competition match that two separate pieces of metal were accidently fused together?

Friction welding is a legitimate way of fusing metal, but if it were, in fact, possible with VEX robotics, would this be considered illegal and would this be grounds for a DQ? As stated in <R15> you may not attach objects, such as metal in any way that is not provided within the VEX Robotics Design System.

I know this is pretty absurd and completely impossible, but I am curious to hear what you all think.

This isn’t a hypothetical situation, it’s an impossible situation. That’s my opinion on it. Even if it did happen friction welding is still welding even if done unintentionally. If you unintentionally leave a sharp edge on something and don’t pass inspection the rule is still being followed.

Auto DQ. No doubt.

To be honest, to generate enough force, speed, or compression to make this happen would be amazing.

But still, DQ.

Sorry, I might not have been clear in my post. I am aware that it isn’t possible. I am just curious how this would be handled if it were possible.

Challenge accepted. :slight_smile:

Please post a vid.

And, be safe and wear Vex approved safety glasses.

@Aiden Pyle if i could upvote a post i would