I am having difficulties with my VexV5 robot amr

My robot is not doing what the program says. The robot does 1 of 3 things: Slams itself down, moves extremely slow, or catches on itself at the base gear and gets stuck. It also does not move to the coordinates that I have in the code. Without changing the coordinates, the arm will do its own set of actions.

Could you post your code so we can help you? Format it with the Preformatted text button if it is C++ or Python.

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Welcome to the world of programming!

Unfortunately, you’re robot is probably doing exactly what the program says, because that’s how programming works. You just need to learn to speak the same language as the robot.

If you will post your code (and maybe a picture of your robot so we can see what exactly we’re trying to help with), there are many here on the forum who will help you out to understand what is happening.

This violates Newton’s 3rd law.

This might be what it is coded to do. It might also be mechanical.

This too sounds mechanical. Also “It catches on itsself” is not useful. What gets caught in the base gear? What base gear, the driving gear for the base, or the driven gear attached to the arm? Does it start in the same place every time when executing the code?

What? As in, you do not change the “coordinates” you mean start the arm in the same position, or you send it the same code? Because both are required. Are you zeroing the arm?

Just make sure to start the arm in the EXACT same orientation each time.