I am having trouble with the motors not working.

The motors will go forward for a couple of minutes and then not work anymore. Does anyone have any suggestions?


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Need more information.

Are you programming it? What language?

Troubleshooting using default firmware on brain … It could be firmware or battery. Once the motors are plugged in, go to main menu on Brain and select Device Info. Scroll to each of the two drive motors and run it. Wait for more than 2 mins with a fully charged battery. Does the motor run? Repeat for next motor. That determines hardware vs software at least. Rule those out.

Then… If it still runs, then it is related to program. For example, ff you are in Clawbot config and this happens it could be another issue. We had such a problem before in 2015 (search forum). If not it could be your program and further information might be needed.

Edit: When you do the test, it might be easiest to take the motor off the robot and just plug in the wire… or put the robot on a block off the ground so you can run on bench.

We are using the remote controller

Remote controller is not enough information… What Steve means by more information is, are you using default driver control? In what mode… clawbot? If not default, are you running a custom program in Modkit, RobotC, etc.

We are just in driver control. We are new at this and need help

I think post 3 troubleshooting step 1 is fastest because you can rule out defective motor (possible) or battery. After that, we can check additional options. Just last week we had a perfectly working good motor go bad before Worlds. Please try that out first.

Okay. Thank You SO Much!!! I will be in your debt!

Last year our team had a problem with motors overheating and stalling out when they would try to hold position. This was a known firmware issue that has since been fixed. Make sure you have the latest firmware on your robot brain and all of it’s components.

try unplugging the bump switch that is on the front that the claw hits when its in the lower position … we have had some issues that when this is pushed in the robot does not respond to driver control

If we’re talking about a full clawbot including sensors, the built in behavior of the “Driver Control” regarding the distance sensor, color sensor or the touch-LED would be at the core.
Try unplugging any unused sensors and verify whether it works better…

Here is the past post on this issue. A slight variation of the issue but troubleshooting is the same.

I would go with all sensors unplugged. Only have the 2 drive motors working. Don’t remember but ports 1 and 6?