I am looking for a Used Vex field

Right now I am looking for a Used field, but I can’t find it anywhere. Few weeks ago I found some on ebay but now there none.

It might be helpful to list the location and distance you are willing to go to get the field, your price that you are willing to pay, and other factors that can help others who might be willing to sell their IQ field.


I am actully wanted delivered so the field can be from any place except Asia. The price I am willing to pay is around 100-300 dollors. I am just wanting the field not the game elements. Also it would be nice if the field is last years game, Squred Away

If you are willing to pay that much why aren’t you buying new from vex? Just curious as the all of the vex iq field options fall within this price range. https://www.vexrobotics.com/iq-field.html Just a tad bit confused.


Opps I made a typo, it is 100-300 dollors, $419 is too much

The field kit is only $320 image


The 4x8 field that was used for Squared Away is even cheaper than that.

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I need the elements. Or else how should I play the game



I am meaning when I get the used field I will not need the elements

Ok everyone here is very confused. From my understanding you want a 4x8 field under 300$ (which is available from vex). You don’t need the game elements but you clearly dont have them because you want to play the squared away for some reason. I’m sorry I’m not sure you even know what you want.


OMG, my head. I want a used squred away field so I can just get the add on for the rest of the field. It will be cheaper that what it is on Vex.com

Ok, so vast confusion.

Do you want the

  1. 4x8’ field that was from last year
  2. 6x8’ field that is this year and going forward

And you also want the
A) game elements for last year’s game Squared Away 2019-2020
B) game elements for the 2020-2021 game
C) both

And you want them
1)shipped to you in Georgia
2) willing to pick them up in a 25 mile distance from your house
3) either

Help us help you.


I want the 4x8 field from last year.

I do not want any elements, later on when I get the used field I will get the elements for rise above

I want it shiped to Georgia

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Ok, and to help you, that would cost you $265 new from Vex (including Fed-Ex ground shipping). So your price range needs to be, well should be less than that.

Good luck!


Thank you very much!

I wondering if the field will get cheaper than before. Is it, anyone

A brand new VEX field? Probably not.


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