I am nervous

It is right before a tournament our robot is broken, what should I do

Probably fix it, what is broken on it?


(EDR Student here) As for me, I would not attend the tournament but rather focus on fixing the robot instead. I believe it is dishonorable to go to a tournament with a robot that barely functions. You should focus on having a well-oiled machine that is reliable, consistent, and effective and be certain of that before going to a tournament, otherwise I think you may be using your time not as effectively.


Could you show us pictures of what is broken?

robot was half a inch too tall tried to fix it robot decide to die

What do you mean by the robot decided to die? It would help with some more info such as pictures or a description so we could assess the situation.


My cameras not working but the arm is very lopsided and the arm motor will not connect

  1. How long do you have?
  2. Images would help significantly
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we got like a half hour but they might start earlier

Pictures will help us help you. Is there any chance that you could post any? Without them we probably can’t help you much.


I can’t give pictures because my camera is refusing to work on my

You should have brought a toolbox with you. Do some emergency engineering and get it working. But it can’t change too much if you already did the inspection.

do you have a picture before the break?
or get a teammate to take a photo and send it to you?

for the motor. Is it not spinning or just not wanting to connect the with drive shaft?

It’s later in the tournament we fixed that problem but know we just need a little help with the arm gears none of us are good at doing them so we just need someone to say how basic gears work

Well, is it running off of a gear train, or something else? Because with a simple gear train, there are [x] amount of gears, usually with one powered by a motor. This is called a ‘Drive’ gear. The drive gear connects to another gear, and this is called the ‘driven’ gear. If you have an odd amount of gears, there will be a gear in the middle known as an ‘idler’, it’s purpose is to transfer power from the drive gear to the driven gear.
With this example, I’m going to assume you have a standard clawbot, so there won’t be an idler. When a drive gear connects with a driven gear, they move in opposite directions. So, if your drive gear motor is reversed, the driven gear will move normally, and vice versa. So, if you run the drive gear reversed, then the driven gear will move normally, lifting your arm. I can give an example, but it’ll be in v5 text because that’s all I know that’s applicable to this, even though it’s not. This is what I would do if I were in your situation(in VRC, of course)


Let me know if this makes sense. Good luck!


I am alot smarter now


No way I missed this, I was gone for a tennis tornament

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