I am thankful ...,

times are challenging for all, but end of the day - I am thankful in these challenging times for -

  • students who commit countless hours to better themselves and all others around them to not give up!
  • teachers, school admin and staff, and mentors in my region who provide the environment for students to thrive!
  • RECF leadership globally and regionally (RSM) for supporting all the teams with engaging challenges and encouragements!
  • VEX for delivering VEXcode VR and Hour of Code challenge that is relevant! (coral reef)
  • parents who support not only their kids, but all in the community!
  • VRC sponsors of teams, clubs, regions and globally to keep things going!
  • VEXforum members and VRC alums for all their contributions!

Personally, to my family, for understanding the time I commit away from them is to support our robotics community during difficult times because it matters.

Your turn!


I am thankful for being allowed to bring my robot home before our host org got shut down.
I’m thankful for Vex being the only part of my life that hasn’t turned into a dumpster fire.
I’m thankful for amazon prime and their legal rubber bands
I’m thankful for the Ebay saint that put a box of chain, sprockets, and chain for considerably less than market value.
I’m thankful for all of my amazing mentors. Thank you Curtis, Tim, Tom, and @Kevin_Selavko.
I’m thankful for our very helpful alumni Kevin (different Kevin).
I’m thankful for Sarah Heinz House for their continued support of safe student programs during the pandemic.
I’m thankful for all of the amazing people on this forum and in the weird yet amazing place that is discord.
I’m thankful for @DRow keeping things on topic with lighthearted clap backs
I’m thankful for vex as a whole because of its continued betterment of my life.
And much much more!


and to be specific:

  • our RSM Louann Cormier - New England Regional Support Manager (and all others)
  • our local EPs who have held in-person outdoor events, when safe, and virtual/remote events - thanks Masuk Robotics and Hopkinton, MA
  • opportunities to support teams outside our region/continent through Just Cause Canada https://www.justcausecanada.org during a pandemic
  • GDC for amazing games and adaptations to current situation
  • All the VOLUNTEERS!!! (parents, judges, referees, operations, etc. locally and globally) no events in past, present, or future is possible without you!

My list goes on…


I am thankful for:

  • a supportive and caring family

  • dedication by teachers to provide lots of different learning opportunities while online

  • the opportunity to engage in extracurricular activities (music, sports) in some way, although a little different than typical

  • being able to build program and test a robot for this year’s game, despite the challenge of operating a school club this year

  • the chance to engage in new hobbies I hadn’t had the chance to do before a change in life due to the virus

  • having the chance to celebrate Thanksgiving with family tomorrow


I am thankful for the incredible support Just Cause has gotten from the community. We’ve collected tens of thousands of dollars of used educational robotic parts for our communities in Uganda, and we can’t wait until the pandemic ends so our volunteers can deliver the next batch of equipment.

If you’re interested in supporting either via a equipment or monetary donation, please send me a DM.


I am thankful for…

  • My funny and outgoing team
  • Our phenomenal driver
  • Our passive team captain
  • The best robotics teacher at my school
  • All the supportive VEX Forum members
  • Everyone who’s helped us this season so far
  • My opportunity to compete this year
  • All the resources provided for our team
  • And finally the fact that VEX even exists

The most thing I am thankful for is the GDC who makes all the games fun for IQ and V5.


I am so thankful for the challenges and skill sets VEX Robotics has offered me, leading to other skills I want to learn (which is pretty much everything)

I am thankful for my new team. They work hard and want to go to worlds just as much as I do. (So they pretty much let me build free reign, which I spend all my time doing).

I am thankful for my family, whose primary aim is to “raise up a child in the way he should go, so that when he is old, he will not depart from it.”
(Proverbs 22:6, my slightly garbled memory)

I am so dang grateful for my own life. A little broad, but heck, we sure don’t deserve life amirite?


I’m thankful for…

  • A caring family who pushes me to be the best that I can be.
  • I’m thankful for VEX. Before I started VEX I wasn’t interested in STEM at all. However, it inspired me in so many ways… too many to list here.
  • My team. I’m thankful for my mentors and my hilarious teammates. Even though they can sometimes be annoying, they’re some of my favourite people to be around.

There are so many other things that I am thankful for, and I’d love to list them here, but that would turn this into an obnoxiously long post. :upside_down_face:


I am thankful for:

  • My whole class getting quarantined, because now we’ve all figured out how to use discord.
  • Getting the chance to take on new projects and things I’ve been wanting to do for a long time during coronacation.
  • The ability to practice driving/programming the bot whenever i feel like it with a field in my basement.
  • People online to chat with.
  • God keeping my family safe.

I am thankful for…

  • The opportunities VEX has provided.
  • The time that I am given to work on my robot
  • My team who all work really well together
  • My mentors who somehow support 6 teams at once
  • The VEX Forum as a place to share ideas
  • That I have yet to contract Covid-19 as well as the ones closest to me
  • WiFi, Discord, the Internet, books, books, books, as well as my family and friends.



I am thankful for

  • All of the people I know who’ve gotten COVID-19 have been fine
  • My teammates who happen to be my best friends
  • Having mentors who don’t cause drama
  • The way the REC Foundation handled the pandemic
  • Power metal
  • Hypixel Skyblock, which is free and yet one of the best games I’ve ever played
  • Texas Football
  • 802.11ax wifi
  • Autodesk for providing free Inventor to students. CAD has saved a lot of valuable time in our few meeting times.
  • zipties
  • rubber bands
  • Thanksgiving Break
  • Discord
  • Inventor
  • Bedwars

-The team that I love to mentor and watch grow and learn

-My in college team, while it may have its troubles, I am glad to be a part of it.

-For the wonderful people I have met through vex.

-For the great effort they vex and the RECF have put into making sure we still have the ability to compete, even in these uncertain times.

-For Vex and the RECF, for existing in the first place.


I am thankful for

  • Vex and the RECF for making robotics a place I can escape to when life gets too hard to deal with
  • @DRow, and all of the other amazing forum admins that make the forums the great place that they are
  • My awesome robotics mentors, who have helped my team through so many rough patches it’s not even funny
  • Again, to Vex, for inspiring me to love STEM to the ungodly level that I do
  • And finally, to my team, who have put up with all my passive-aggressiveness for 2 whole years now, and hopefully for 4 more.

Zipties and Duct Tape, 2024. They can fix anything.

  • My supportive parents, for supporting me in doing robotics

  • The amazing people that I get to meet in robotics

  • Transistors, for making computers small

  • My religion

  • @lacsap, for making this thread

  • @DRow and @jpearman for helping keep the VEXForum clean and appropiate

  • Geometry, for creating a means through which we can communicate about what we see and describe things visually

  • @technik3k, @meng, @Foster, and others who help students learn about robotics

  • The Rubik’s Cube

  • My school’s robotics mentor, who is amazing

  • Pizza-flavoured Pringles

  • My sister, for being amazing

  • Airplanes, because while they make me sick, they give people the opportunity to travel

  • My grandparents, but specifically my grandfather, for being an engineer and helping me become one

  • The SCA (Short Circuit Alliance), for really spicing up the VEXForum with reveals, ideas, CAD’s, renders, and much more

  • For VEX and the RECF, because I’m not sure how I would have gotten into robotics without them

  • My robotics team.


  • VEX as a whole, for giving me some respite from school as well as a fun way to challenge myself.

  • The coaches, mentors, volunteers, RECF and VEX, and everyone else who makes being able to compete possible.

  • My parents for putting up with making our house the team base of operations, and for facilitating the transition from school team to independent.

  • SCA, for being a wonderful group of people to vibe and do robot stuff with.

  • My team for being pretty ok some of the time.

  • All of our friends from discord, as well as those that we have met in person.

  • Metal abuse and loctite

  1. VEX Robotics. My High School time would have been stale and boring without it. I love the grit that resides from competing in VEX
  2. The VEX Community. There are few communities that connect the world into one single location, and that is VEX. Without VEX Robotics, my scope of knowledge and respect would be limited to the place I live in. But because of VEX, it shines a light the respect we have for teams in other countries exceeds beyond political bias.
  3. I am thankful for failing in a safe environment. I can say that after graduating High School, VEX does not affect your chances of being accepted into a college so who cares if you fail as long as you learn something essential. By failing continuously in VEX, I am able to develop my knowledge on the Engineering Design Process. And although this investment didn’t affect my chances to get into colleges, it makes me prepared to take on the Engineering challenges that confront me as I pursue my degree plan in college.