I am unable to fix an error, here is the program

Here is the whole program

Processing: 9C4434D7-2A43-49DB-B26A-98AA3E07A5EB.jpeg…
Uploading: 8C7C3B75-D73A-4427-B825-873B2D85BEDE.jpeg…
Uploading: E5C273A0-087A-4B90-9A36-F3EF338968DD.jpeg…

I don’t think the pictures got uploaded correctly, you mind just pasting the code into a reply? make sure to start and end it with ``` so it formats correctly.

Oh yeah sorry. I didn’t know I will be showing them soon.

It looks like you are missing a closing brace and an else statement on line 65.

if (Controller1.Button1.Pressing(){
// ...code...
}  //<-- Here
else if (Controller1.Button2.Pressing(){
//... code
else {