I can’t open iq blocks project on iPad if file is over 65KB

I can’t open iq blocks project on iPad if file is over 65KB. Can anyone help me to fix it?

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We are experiencing this bug right now as well. I’ve filed a Feedback (via the in-app Feedback button in the upper right corner). Since the app silently and quite suddenly fails to open the file, it took quite some time to diagnose the problem, and your post eventually helped - thank you. Meanwhile, we are doing the following terrible workarounds:

  • Deleted all extraneous code (lingering functions, etc.)
  • Deleted almost all comments
  • Deleted all prints, sounds
  • Consolidated or eliminated use of functions
  • Renamed functions
  • Gave up on having a unified code file for autonomous + driver control (no more code sharing…next season we’re going to go with Python) - just split the files
  • Carefully watch the saved file sizes, and fix them on a Mac if they get too big, since they won’t open on an iPad anymore

64K is an incredibly small amount of data, particularly since the underlying format for iqblocks is XML - and not even compressed!

I hope someone at VEX is able to help us iPad users - we have a bunch of iPads and all season we’ve been experiencing these file open issues, and didn’t have any idea until now why.

Thank you for reporting this.

The 65K file size limit is a known issue in the production version of VEXcode on iPad; however, the VEXcode Software Team has implemented a solution to allow for the opening of files larger than 65K that will be included in the upcoming release. In the meantime, you are able to save projects larger than 65K to your iPad and transfer them to another device.

Sorry for the inconvenience.

Thank you.