I cant build

hi guys need some help with the new game gateway. Any one got any ideas on how to pick them up. My idea fail. any ideas

well, this is very general, but why don’t you just look around. Lots of teams are posting pictures and videos of their robots.

It would help a lot if you were to specify exactly what designs you’ve tried, what you’ve considered, and what type of robot you are looking for. From my observations, there are a couple successful designs that fall under a few different categories.

I’ll start with drive trains:
For a decent drive train, you should be looking to invest at least four 3-wire motors. The most basic chassis to construct is the U-shaped chassis – look around, there are plenty of threads that discuss chassis types. If you’re being ambitious and have the programming ability, look towards building an X or H holonomic drive. I would recommend looking at smartkid’s holonomic tutorial to see how these work.

Now, for the game-specific aspects:
The lift:
This really depends on your skill level, but the easiest to build would be a simple pivot arm. Other options to consider, if you want to be able to reach the 30" goals, are the trending “6-bars”. Search the forums and you will find explanations and examples aplenty. Additionally, there are the conventional four bar parallelograms, linear lifts, and their respective variations.

The feed:
There are some pretty decent feed methods at this point in the season.

  1. There is the elevation style double tread system, which is fast and efficient. Specifically, look at robots such as AURA’s Java robot for an extremely well built double tread feed.
  2. There is the clean sweep style roller intake. Great examples to look at are 2438 and many of the New Zealand bots.
  3. A basic claw can also get the job done. It’s not the most efficient, but easy to build.

This list is definitely not an all inclusive list of possibilities, but certainly a start. Without any specific details about your robot, there’s nothing specific I can really tell you. I can tell you this though: explore the forums, look at past years’ robots, talk to other members and you’ll surely come up with something. Some good things to think about when building the robot are motor distribution, the capacity you’re aiming for, the speed and power of the drive, the height of your arm, and whether or not you want a continuous feed.

Good luck!

Everything RampantFang posted is very good advice.

If you want to see videos of robots and competitions to see what other teams have built, this is a good place to start: https://vexforum.com/wiki/index.php/Gateway_Videos

For some videos of a recent tournament which haven’t been uploaded to that site yet: http://www.youtube.com/user/dtengineering

I highly recommend taking a look at 2941’s bot. It’s very simple yet surprisingly effective. You seem to be most interested in feed mechanisms and their design is quite common among the bots I’ve seen. Here’s their forum reveal: https://vexforum.com/t/2941-robot-reveal-post-world-cup/19830/1&highlight=2941

AURA has also posted reveals of their robots. They’re more complex, but if you’re feeling up to it: http://www.aura.org.nz/archives/918, http://www.aura.org.nz/archives/955, http://www.aura.org.nz/archives/950, http://www.aura.org.nz/archives/972, http://www.aura.org.nz/archives/968, [http://www.aura.org.nz/archives/966

Hope this helps!](http://www.aura.org.nz/archives/966)

I was, about a year ago thinking the exact same thing for the game roundup. I had built 3 full robots before I came to my robot that I used for the game. Faliure is NOT a bad thing when it comes to building. I think i learned more from my failures than my success.

Also, right down all your ideas in a notebook so that you can have a record. (do this, I learned that the hard way) It really helps having a record so that you may build off of them and try new things.

Just my $0.02

what i have now is a robot but the tower is now blending axis lol.

i have it in a 7 bar spacing so going to try in to 6 any ideas what i could do next

I am sorry, but I did not completely understand what you said…

Could you make it more clear?

make the space as minimal as possible (use the smallest spacers you can find)

What’s you idea? Maybe its actually good, or maybe it could inspire someone else. No idea is a fail… :slight_smile:

take lots of pictures
we can come up with ideas on how to improve it

Thanks guys will put photos up asap/ when i have put it bck together

photos up soon