I can't open my project(vex code pro)

So I can’t open my project in vex code pro!
Screen Shot 2020-11-09 at 6.24.41 PM
My App Version is 2.0.1(^^^)

This code is from out GitHub repo. I was pulling from master and merging with my development branch. I am on a Mac running Catalina.
Here is what works:

  • I can open other projects from recent and though the open menu.
  • In those projects I can edit
  • Buttons work when I click on them

Simply said I can’t open my project for some reason. When I try to open it from the “Recents” menu nothing changes. No error codes or anything just stays the same. When I trying to open the the project from the open menu(File->Open) it does the same blank face. If I go to the file(X-drivecode.vexcode) in finder and try to open it with right click and open it does the same thing.

Any ideas would be nice. I was thinking it might be git hub or something so ya

@jpearman your the person who would know the most about this so here’s the ping

Is your repo public ? If not, download it as a zip file and send it to me.

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