I do my robot building at...


I was wondering where most of you guys do your robot building.

Go UD Robotics!


at home always, im on a team but still at home :wink:

i test sometimes at my school cause of a nice open space for auto. programming

BTW, just fyi, i believe many similar topics have been started like this, please search before posting :smiley:

Well thank you basicxman, master of the forum, I will consult you first before posting anymore. :stuck_out_tongue:

Basicxman is correct in that this type of Survey has been done before, BUT, there are many new inventors here, and an Updated version of the Survey is valid endeavor in my opinion.

I build at home (and at work on Lunch).

wow, i wish i could work on robotics at a job.

i guess thats true, although we could bring up an old one (just IMHO)

and lol to the above :smiley:

why bring up old threads when you have endless server space in no use :smiley:

just kidding

i do my vexing at home and at TMSC (tmsc.org) for their saturday programs.