I do not know if this robot is a good ball collector

So basically, I am quite experienced in building, but it is my first time joining a vex competition. It is not my robot tho, but it should look smth like this, I will share more details about the competition and how it works after this post gets some anwers
Screenshot 2023-04-13 11.16.30
Screenshot 2023-04-13 11.16.57
Screenshot 2023-04-13 11.17.19

Is this some sort of private competition using the old games? That is from a long time ago.

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Oh the pictures are for reference, it not the actual robot, cuz we had not build it yet. and for the competition is a national competition in Singapore called east zone challenge or VJC competition. I believe so they are using some old games i am not too sure.

And plus we will be using V5

Bro that is old as heck but i guess that is a nice ball collector

Rubber band intakes wprk really well for intaking balls. Look at some change up, turning point and other nothing bht net robots. All of these competitions involved i taking balls and there are defi itley some thi g you can learn and steal from

Your first goal then should be to figure out what game they’re using as they are drastically different. There is no “good” robot for all of vex. if you took a tipping point robot and tried to use it for spin up, you would be immediately disqualified for your goal lift exiting the 18" cube.

Uh i will just tell you the what is it about, so we have to there is a a huge rectangle and 2 of the sides of the coloured ball inside a tray and the other 2 have a tray to deposit to according to their colours. All of this under 3 mins or less. Accordoing to the rules we can move the trays nearer to the scoring tray. So my team is gonna build 2 of the same robot. Tbh i prefer the conveyor belt ball collector cuz there is an hole at the end all i need to do is just collect and deposit into the scoring tray at the same time. Is there any ways to inprove on it, i am gonna make the conveyor a bit longer so that is can enter the tray and make the conveyor go up and down with another motor. Is there anymore to improve or is it fine.

And our roboy cant move the scoring tray