i dont have a field

i dont have a field to practace on how can i practace and yes i do have some game objects

If you look up field dimensions you may be able to create mock ups of the field.

i need to practace auton so i can get it perfect

i mean i have a field but i cant get it set up in time for my comp this weeknd

You could probably just check the movement depending on what your autonomous does, just test it on the field tiles.

Get it as close as possible, then get to the tournament when the doors open and do final tuning on a practice field. I did this for my first 3 years and it worked pretty well.

I would find an easily accessible surface that’s as close as possible to field tiles, like a slightly squishy carpet, and use masking tape and General objects (like boxes) to act as larger field elements.

Ask other teams in your region to borrow field time.

We bought a set of field tiles this year and that really helps. We built a low cost field using the Vex instructions and although it works, the PVC keeps popping apart.

I would suggest using some 1x12 (or 2x12 for extra rigidity) x 8 foot long. you can attach a 4 foot section to an 8 foot section by butting them together, then screwing a board to their backs. This way it can be torn down when the season is done or your space is needed for something else. In addition, its easy to fasten field elements to the wood season after season. 8 or 9 1x12x8’ boards are much less expensive than the actual field kit.

I took my robot home to practice, where I don’t have a field. To simulate flags, I taped out a couple of boxes on a wall. I should put thin cardboard or styrofoam inside of them to lessen the impact noise, but I haven’t yet.
I suspect that the posts can be simulated with wooden dowels on a block of wood base, and then all you would need are some field elements.
The platforms are trickier, though, what with their uniquely shaped edges.

There are cheaper tiles you can buy that are the same exact material and shape as VEX tiles, and you can make the field out of wood to compensate the high costs of the perimeter. Flags can be made of PVC with VEX lexan as well, and the platforms can be made of previous year game elements. If you dont have enough time, I would suggest marking your floor with tape to measure distance of tiles. Make the auton work for the ground, then when you get to the tournament use the practice
field to tune your auton to the different change of material of the ground.
Hopefully this helps :slight_smile:

PVC should work for the platforms, I believe the radius of the pipe is 30.15 mm, or about 1.2 inches.
I use notebook paper taped on the wall for flags.

We searched for a while and couldn’t find ones exact. All the alternatives I could find had a texture on the faces, with some that even were coated, and we figured that would have different traction compared to the actual field.

If you can send a link, I would like to know in case I run across someone else looking for a field. Thanks,

Teams near you (that I know of) with a field:
Beaufort High School - 52455
Lady’s Island MS - 6318

I would reach out to one of them and see if you could use theirs