I got a Vex model for my son, it was missing a bunch of pegs. So I modelled them for 3d print

Hello all. I couldn’t find any model for 3d printing Vex pegs. So I made one. Hope you all find it useful… But I am a new user and can’t include attachments… :frowning:

Not sure how else I can share the stl file… Sorry.

Ps: thanks for the ideas! I posted it to Thingverse - Vex Peg by Dariopks - Thingiverse

You can make a thingiverse.com account and post it there, then share the link here.

For anyone who may choose to print and use these pins please remember they are not competition legal!


You can also zip a file with the stl and upload it here.

Very cool, thanks for posting!! I’ve printed the flat parts with average success. I’ve always thought the pins would be hard to do because of the split in them.

Let us how you make out. But, send me a DM with your paper mail address in it and I’ll send you some of the pins in assorted sizes, just as a backup.


Great idea! I did that. Here’s the link: Vex Peg by Dariopks - Thingiverse

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Thanks for the offer but the prints are working very well! I included the original design based on the Vex part but I also include a modified version that I believe works better with 3d printing.


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